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Welcome to our tourist service in Ibiza, where fun and adventure never end. We are a local company passionate about showcasing the best of our island and making your experience Geniale®.

We offer a wide range of tourist services, from dream accommodations to boat excursions to explore the beautiful beaches and coves of the island, as well as guided tours and workshops to discover the culture and history of Ibiza. From nightclubs to cultural festivals, we have it all. We also provide customized packages so you can create your own adventure and tailor it to your interests. We ensure that every trip is safe and comfortable, and we guarantee personalized attention to every client, all to create unique experiences in Ibiza. Our tourist service is here to help you discover everything the island has to offer.
Contact us for more information about our service or to make a reservation. We look forward to welcoming you soon to the Island of Pines!

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